Youngs modulus of nylon essay

It is also worth noting that at this point a substantial amount of weight will be dropping so arms and feet should be kept back from below the experiment and all persons in the vicinity should be on their feet to allow them to move back quickly if required.

The material bubbles in red show long-fibre properties; the other materials and material classes show bulk properties i. Application areas for different types of rubber are manifold and cover segments as diverse as tires, soles for shoesand damping and insulating elements.


Teflon is resistant to many corrosive agents such as: Young was the first person to define work as the force displacement product, the first to use the word energy in its modern sense, and the first to show that light is a wave.

Steel rule dies may be used for some parts. The increase in spacing between nylon molecules lowers the secondary forces allowing easier translational motion.

Temperature dependence of impact strength Figure Silver and gold are more expensive, and are used for their resistance to corrosion and hypoallergenicity.

String (music)

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Dimensional changes of 0. Thru-feed centerless grinding of long, flexible parts of nylon can be easily accomplished, and tolerances as close as. In order to attempt to reduce the number of errors that will affect the results of the investigation during the implementation of the practical, the following steps will be taken, in addition to the experiment being repeated three times as already mentioned above: The absorption of moisture by nylon is a completely reversible physical reaction.

True west scene 1 analysis essay. These materials expand in transverse direction when stretched and contract in transverse direction under compression load. It would be a good idea to repeat the investigation of the elastic region two more times so that greater accuracy can be achieved by calculating an average final value from the three experiments.

The overall excellent property profile of nylons results in their probably having the most diverse range of applications of all thermoplastic polymers.

Variation in Readings The breaking point of the nylon should always have been the same value. There are many possible reasons for the premature breakage and it most likely lies down to a random error where the cause could not be documented, possibly a knock that the nylon received pushing it beyond its true rupturing point.

This is the frequency we identify as the pitch of the string. Back to Index Poisson Ratio of Polymeric Materials When a material is stretched by a tensile force it usually undergoes a lateral contraction which is known as the Poisson effect.

Nevertheless, there are similarities to the first graph, especially in the area which is of most importance to me, the elastic region. Heating the strings can expand these particles and separate them from the windings.

Polymer chains are held together in these materials by relatively weak intermolecular bondswhich permit the polymers to stretch in response to macroscopic stresses.Youngs Modulus And Poissons RatioSolid Mechanics Essay  Young’s Modulus and Poisson’s Ratio Solid Mechanics Lab #2 Hyungjun Kang 9/9/ Purpose: 1.

To investigate the effect and relationships of tensile and lateral strain on a specimen. The elastic (Young's) modulus for steel is about 40 times greater than for nylon, and string tensions are about 50% greater, so the longitude and transverse force amplitudes are nearly equal.

[21]. Aug 13,  · Classical Mechanics, Stress and Strain, Example of Young's Modulus for Steel and Nylon Patterns Remonstrator. Young Modulus. Young’s Modulus of Nylon Essay Example for Free Young’s Modulus (E) is a measure of a material’s stiffness, determined by the formula: The standard unit of measure for Young’s Modulus is the pascal (Pa).

1 pascal is the same measure as 1 Nm-2 (Nm being Newton Metre). Not affected by UV S5: Young’s Modulus The Young Modulus is a property of materials and occurs when they are put under tensile stress.

High stretch but can stretch by up to 30% when wet. Resistance of line is to UV light & chemicals.

Young's Modulus for Plastic

MECHANICAL PERFORMANCE OF POLYAMIDES WITH INFLUENCE OF MOISTURE AND TEMPERATURE – ACCURATE nylon 6 and nylon 66 at room temperature conditions with Young’s modulus, and strain at yield versus moisture are shown in Figures 3 and 4.

Youngs modulus of nylon essay
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