Press law

Article 91 The fees levied on issuance or renewal of licenses mentioned in this shall be fixed by decision of the minister and upon approval of the cabinet, in addition to other fees stipulated in the law on Commercial Register.

A limited number of "press offences" was retained, including outraging public morals, and insulting high-ranking public officials including the President of the Republic, heads of foreign states and ambassadors.

The scope of libel was severely reduced, with the criteria for defamation being much more tightly defined. Prohibiting him from practicing journalism for a period that does not exceed one month.

Law on the Freedom of the Press of 29 July 1881

Should a publication falsely imitate the name or emblem of another publication even with slight changes in the original logo or name in such a way which may mislead the reader, it shall be banned and the offender shall be handed over to an Islamic court.

Prior toFrench law had a complex and unclear set of laws that regulated public commentary.

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Article 51 An application for licensure shall be considered within sixty days from the date of its satisfactory submission and the elapse of this period without its consideration shall be deemed as an implicit rejection. This had previously enabled prosecutions of critics of the government, monarchy and church, or of those who argued for controversial ideas on property rights.

The paper may also have an editor-in-charge and editors who are responsible for its sections. Rights of the Press Article 3: A publication that is publish without obtaining a license from the Press Supervisory Board is not subject to the Press Law and will be subject to regular laws.

He has also the right to publish them.

Law on the Freedom of the Press of 29 July 1881

Article 45 Any company owned by a minimum of five Bahrain partners has the right to issue a newspaper, under the provisions of companies Laws. To campaign against manifestations of imperialistic culture such as extravagance, dissipation, debauchery, love of luxury, spread of morally corrupt practices, etc.

Any advertisement or announcement issued from a country or foreign body prior to the ministry's approval. Also the name of the publication must not be strange and should not create the assumption that the publication is dependent on revolutionary and government organs.

The press have the right to publish the opinions, constructive criticisms, suggestions and explanations of individuals and government officials for public information while duly observing the Islamic teachings and the best interest of the community.

Article 58 Upon permission from the Minister in agreement with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, recognized foreign diplomatic missions and consulates in the Kingdom of Bahrain may issue periodical publications and distribute them on the basis of reciprocation treatment and international organizations or their branches operating in the Kingdom may do the same.

Press laws

Instigating against respecting the law or making seem correct that is considered a crime in within the framework of the law. Repression of free discussion was regarded as so necessary a part of government that Sir Thomas More in his Utopia makes it punishable with death for a private individual to criticize the conduct of the ruling power.

The Press Law

In case the writer or publisher is unknown, the publisher shall be punished as the initial perpetrator of the crime included in the publication. For subsequent terms it shall be formed one month before the expiration of the earlier term upon the invitation of the Ministry of Islamic Culture and Guidance.

The print media are permitted to publish news items except in cases when they violate Islamic principles and codes and public rights as outlined in this chapter: To enlighten public opinion and increase the level of their knowledge on one or several topics mentioned in Article 1.A press release, which provides accurate information — with a point of view — to news media, community members and others who might provide public attention or support is an important tool in getting your message out.

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We, Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, Monarch of the Kingdom of Bahrain Upon perusal of the Constitutions, And the Law of the fundamentals of penal court proceedings for.

The Law on the Freedom of the Press of 29 July (French: Loi sur la liberté de la presse du 29 juillet ), often called the Press Law of or the Lisbonne Law after its rapporteur, Eugène Lisbonne, is a law that defines the freedoms and responsibilities of the media and publishers in France.

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Page 1 joeshammas.comeorg @article19org Press Law Bill (First Draft) Chapter (1) Title and Definitions 1. This Act shall be cited as the Press Law.

Press law
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